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Custom Software Development Overview

Some customers have needs that are beyond the abilities of existing software found in the market. For example, a large company could need programs that manages the specifics of their inventory system or other unique processes. Or a hospital may need data for individual patients to be constantly available, in a secure environment. In these cases, custom software could be developed to accommodate all of these unique needs in an organized fashion. Process Overview In order to create an application […]

An Overview of Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development (RAD) software creation methods have become a critical aspect in daily program line design for the past several years. This process originated in the mid-1970′s by the New York Telephone Company’s Systems Development Center as an alternative to mitigate non-agile creation technologies known as, “The Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method” and additional “Waterfall Methods.” The greatest problem with these techniques was that the speed to build data programs was so long that the requirements changed prior […]

What is .NET?

  As a software component running on the Windows OS, using .Net is like reading a series of books out of the same collection. It is a web service business strategy that links data, people, systems, and devices – in rapid time – and enhances the convenience of using the Internet. Since its programming support is so extensive, the full release of this neutral framework platform is expected to take several years to complete and future versions will already be […]

App Development Growth

The app development industry has grown exponentially within the past few years. The rapid growth of mobile devices has boosted the need for sophisticated apps that work on various platforms. The term app development, often cited by news media, generally refers to the creation of applications that work on smart phones, tablets or personal computers. Application development has turned into a billion dollar tech industry, offering a wealth of opportunities for developers and end users. Applications are created to serve […]

How to Develop an App

There are some fairly clear steps you need to go through to develop an app for either smartphones or the web.